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Endermologie® by Nathalie Paradis offers NEW Facial Endermologie® and NEW Body Endermologie® services. All services are optimized by dr. brandt® skincare line.
  • Nathalie Paradis has over 20 years experience in Endermologie. She has successfully practiced in France, Canada and now, the United States of America. While in Canada, she also practiced physiotherapy, osteopathy and naturopathy. As a skin care specialist, Nathalie combines her prior learning and experience with the amazing technology created by LPG, providing skin care of the highest quality. Nathalie has also incorporated the dr. brandt® skincare line, products well known for their unparalleled effectiveness. Dr. Brandt, the celebrity dermatologist, has over 30 years of research, practice and experience. The dr. brandt® skincare line is the anti-aging line of choice for celebrities, beauty insiders and real women worldwide.
The fusion of Endermologie® by Nathalie Paradis, optimized by the dr. brandt® skincare line produces extraordinary and even magical results!
Take a look at these treatments available to you:    
10 mins  
  • Forehead
  • Dark eye circles &
    under-eye bags
  • Eye wrinkles & crow's feet
  • Mouth area
  • Jaw line
  • Double chin
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Hands
20 mins  
  • Total Eye Facial Endermologie
    - Refresh, replump, mobilize fluids
  • Eye & Lip Facial Endermologie
    - Refresh, replump
30 mins  
  • Décolleté Facial Endermologie
    - Tone skin, refresh, replump
35 mins  
  • Body skin toning, mobilizing & sculpting

10 Session discounted package available,
inclusive of Endermowear

60 mins  
15 mins 20 mins
  • Glow Facial Endermologie
    - Boost micro circulation
  • Facial Endermologie
    - Mobilize fluids
30 mins  
  • Age Defying Toning Facial Endermologie
    - Tone, refresh, resculpt
  • Age Defying Resculpting Facial Endermologie
    - Streamline, tone skin, mobilize fluids
  • Age Defying Replumping Facial Endermologie
    - Replenish, resculpt

10 Session discounted packages available,
inclusive of flaps

50 mins  
  • Body & face sculpting & replumping

10 Session discounted package available,
inclusive of flaps & Endermowear