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Making an appointment is really simple. Read "What to expect", click the button below and follow the easy steps. See you soon!
You can expect your skin to look younger and brought back to life!
  • Your LPG expert will make an initial assessment of your skin using the LPG evaluation method.
  • The appropriate protocol for your face and/or body will be determined and we will begin with at least 2 treatments per week: radiance activation, skin toning, redermification, wrinkle smoothing.
  • You will use an Endermolift kit / personal Endermowear (personal flaps for sanitary conditions and patented LPG clothing to promote hygiene and effective treatment).
  • After cleansing the skin, your LPG expert will stimulate your skin for 10 to 50 minutes of non-stop stimulation to reactivate the natural process of youth!
  • Maximize and optimize the results by using dr. brandt Skin Care Line during the session and by following up with your own treatment program at home.